Recalibrate Group exists to empower churches and leaders to reach their full kingdom impact.


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Are You Tired of False Promises to Reenergize Your Church?

Do you privately wonder if your church will ever reach the community?
Are you tired of church growth books?
(We are!)
Are you weary of “one size fits all” insights on church growth?
Have you tried other church health programs with no tangible results?
Have people left your church because of change?
Are you looking for real and lived-out ways to move your church forward?

The Recalibrate Group offers practical and tested Executive Consulting that walks side by side with pastors to Ignite their Church.  All us are Pastors who deal with everyday problems of church life.

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The Recalibrate Approach

  • Care About You!

    Leading change can be lonely and frustrating. Emotionally exhausting. We are your armor-bearer.

  • Walk With You!

    You are the reason your church has a future! God is birthing something inside of you. We want to hear what your dream is.

  • Learn About You!

    Your church is unique and has a story of its own. We would never assume we have all the answers.  Together let’s discover the answers to reenergize your church.

  • Help You Get Results

    You can get both immediate and long-term results.  You can make change stick!  Our consulting is practical, down to earth, and tested.

Recalibrate Consultants speak from real-life experience.  We are a group of pastors who are currently leading boards, staff meetings, established churches, and people who can resist change.  While we reject “quick and easy” answers we believe you can kickstart momentum and earn credibility to make change stick in your church.

We have a 100% guarantee on your money. If you don’t get results, we will refund your money – no questions asked.

How can we serve you?

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Three Steps to Relaunch Your Church

Define It

“Get Clarity”

Date It

“Take Action”

Do It

“Make It Stick”

Recalibrate Masterclass

We are excited to soon provide personalized training Pastors in an on-demand format. Recalibrate Masterclass helps pastors get clarity, take action, and make change stick.

Recalibrate Masterclass offers 16 individual subjects for you to choose from.

Coming Soon!

Recalibrate Consulting

This is designed for an executive team, pastoral staff, and/or influencers in your church. Recalibrate helps the entire team get clarity, kickstart momentum, and make change stick.

This involves three half-day onsite visits to your church.

Your team will experience synergy as they collaborate together on the future of the church.  Recalibrate Consulting is filled with interaction, honest discussion, and tangible results.

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Live Speaking

Your next event or conference will love the energy and no-nonsense approach of Dr. Troy H. Jones. Dr. Troy is available for a general session, workshop, or even a Recalibrate One Day event.

His five most  popular sessions are:

  • Recalibrate Your Church
  • Recalibrate Your Leadership
  • Recalibrate Your Sundays
  • Recalibrate Your Preaching
  • Recalibrate Your Soul
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What Pastors Are Saying

“Recalibrate helped me regain confidence as a leader and recapture momentum. Practically speaking I have learned to use the four leadership muscles to make change stick. Amazing game changer for me and my church.”

Stan Russell
Horizon Community Church

“The principles learned from Recalibrate have definitely impacted my leadership and increased my confidence to believe for God’s best for the church.”

David Brakke
The Church at Maltby

“My ability to discover, clarify, and cast the vision of the church has grown exponentially because of the coaching I received from Recalibrate.”

Andrew Murch
Northwest Gospel Church


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Recalibrating takes more than just a thought or plan of action. It must be followed by execution.

“This is where we will put an awesome quote from someone who has been impacted by Recalibrate Group”JOE SCHMOO (Lead Pastor at a Very Cool Church)

RECALIBRATE intentionally helps pastors rethink how they do church, realign their church’s cultural values, and relaunch both their congregations and personal leadership.