About Dr. Troy H. Jones

Dr. Troy H. Jones is the founder and visionary leader behind the Recalibrate Group, an organization of pastors and leaders committed to recalibrating the 350,000 churches in North America.  Through nearly 30 years of ministry, he has developed a unique passion and expertise to help leaders grow, cast vision, and build momentum. Pastor Troy graduated from Northwest University and in 2015 received his doctoral degree from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Missional Leadership and Church Recalibration.

Pastor Troy is the pastor of New Life Church located in the Pacific Northwest. New Life has grown over the past twelve years to become a church of more than 3,500 people, meeting on three campuses throughout the region.

Recalibrate is more than academic theory. It’s an intentional practice that has transformed the culture of New Life Church. A central question he asked years ago was, “What would it take to reach the young families in our community?” The answer required a recalibration of the ministry model of children’s ministry and worship culture. All of these changes were made in a way that honored faithful, committed members who were key to the church’s kingdom impact and growth—the pillars of the church.

In addition, he started New Life Leadership College, in partnership with Northwest University, to empower and equip future ministry leaders. Since its inception in 2012, students have gone on to become worship leaders, youth pastors, and children’s pastors serving congregations across the Puget Sound region.

In 2015, Troy finished his doctoral degree from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, focusing his studies on America’s established churches and working to develop a research/practitioner-based model to recalibrate established churches. This led to the launch of the Recalibrate Group and his book, Recalibrate Your Church.

Troy is a sought-after speaker, author, leadership coach, and trainer. He and his wife, Jana, reside in Seattle, Washington. They have two grown children and twin grandkids.