Recalibrate began when Pastor Troy committed five years to answering one provoking question: “What are the transferable principles you have learned that can practically and tangibly help pastors and congregations?”

Piloting a program with seven churches as part of his doctoral study, Jones was amazed at the result. Each church and pastor eventually saw incredible growth—both personally and in ministry—as a result of this collaborative, interactive, personal and challenging environment.

As a result of his personal experience, academic research, and study of other congregations, Jones reached a compelling conclusion: every church needs to recalibrate every three years – or the church will stagnate and get off mission.

The Recalibrate Group was founded as a way to help churches—and their pastors—restore their passion, bring new momentum and energize their ministries by rediscovering the vision in their hearts.

“I have learned the art of recalibrating my church over and over again. I regained confidence as a leader and we recaptured momentum at my church”Stan Russell - Horizon Community Church

The mission of The Recalibrate Group is to practically and intentionally help pastors rethink how they do church, realign their church’s cultural values and relaunch both their congregations and the way they lead them

There are 350,000 churches in America. 80% of these church’s are plateaued or in decline. Many are on a death row. Recalibrate is committed to help thousands of these congregations all over America to recalibrate.