Define It, Date It, Do It

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Mark Twain said, “The only person who likes change is a wet baby.” As fiercely as we might resist change, we all know we must change, or the status quo will kill us.   

How can we change anything in our lives?

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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”Leo Tolstoy
“Each of us must confront the status quo and awaken the God-given potential in us.”​Dr. Troy H. Jones


I want to talk to you for a few moments about personal change. Now, often in Recalibrate, I talk a whole lot about organizational change. But let me tell you what I’ve discovered, the longer I do this, is that changing personally is almost more complicated than changing an organization.

The reason is this: is that all of us get used to our own smell. Or another way to put that is that we all get to the place where we kind of accept the status quo. The status quo almost becomes our friend.

And let me tell you, if you’re ever going to reach your god potential, you have to confront the status quo head on in your life. And so here at Recalibrate, that’s what I want for you. As a matter of fact, I want to do that for you every Monday, where you literally confront the status quo of your life.

Now, in order to do that, you have to change. And you know that already. But you literally have to take action behind the change in your life. I want to give you what I called three steps to change anything in your life. And these are three steps I’ve developed in Recalibrate that I really believe if you will act on them that these will change your life. Here are the three steps.

Number one, you need to define it; number two, date it; number three, do it. Define it. Date it. Do it. Now this is critical. It sounds simple, and it’s really simple to talk about, but is very complicated to live.

The first step is– you have to do is you have to get really, really, really, really clear on the area that you want to change. As a matter of fact, you have to get it so clear that you need to put it into a sentence. Here’s the area that I want to change. And this is the time where you’ve got to stop being vague.

Stop kind of wishing. I wish I would change. Or I– I wish I could be a better, whatever it would be. You got to get real clear, one sentence, I want to change this area in my life, and here’s what that looks like.

And then, after you get some definition, define it, you have to actually do something real courageous, and that is put a date on it. Actually date it. When will you change that? I want to lose 10 pounds by this date. I want to be a better speaker by this date. You got to get absolute clarity on the date.

Dreams without deadlines are dead ends. So you could wish it all you want, but until you go, I’m going to confront this status quo of my own life, I’m going to define it, I’m going to date it, then finally, I’m going to do it.

Whenever you’re bringing about change, initiative in your own life, you have to commit to doing it. You have to commit to what I call everyday making daily progress. Every day. Getting up and saying, how am I going to make progress in this change of my life today?

Listen to me. All of us have got to confront the status quo. Every one of us get used to our own smell. There is something inside of you that God has put a god potential that you need to wake up. But in order for you to change, it will not happen because you wish it to happen. It will only happen when you define it, date it, and do it.