Focused Leadership

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Do you enjoy a great game of dominoes? Sitting with friends around a table playing this fun game is a great way to spend an afternoon, but it also contains a vivid metaphor for leading change.

Click on the video above for this week’s metaphor.


Welcome to Metaphor Mondays. We’re going to talk about for a few moments one of the most important critical skills I know on leadership and that is called the skill of focus. Focus, focus, focus– your organization will never move forward. Your organization will never cultivate momentum if you as a leader do not know how to focus. Think about this as it relates to a domino.

Many of us know what we called “the domino effect.” When it comes to a domino, one domino will take down another domino. But what few people know is that actually when it comes to dominoes, one domino can actually take down another domino 50% larger than itself and then another domino takes down another domino 50% larger than itself. This is so critical for leadership. Because here’s what happens– 29 dominoes later, you can take down the Empire State Building. Watch this video to see the power of a domino.

In leadership, the key the key to moving your organization forward, the key to cultivating momentum– this is so important– is really finding that right domino. What is that domino that if you will do that, if you will spend what I call 20% of your energy on that one change or that one initiative, what is that domino that will move everything forward? Or what is the one thing that will change everything?

Here at Recalibrate, we actually have a name for that. We call that your MCI. What is your Mission Critical Initiative? And you can call it whatever you want in your organization or life, but what is that initiative? That if you will spend enough energy on it, enough focus on it, that one domino will actually knock down another domino, knock down another domino, and you will cause or cultivate momentum in your organization. When it comes to writing your MCI, here’s a statement that Recalibrate uses– dreams without deadlines are dead ends. Dreams without deadlines are dead ends. In other words, you have to put this dream in writing, put a deadline on it, date it, and really believe that the future of your motivation is dependent upon this one thing that will change everything.