Outsider’s Perspective

Welcome to this week’s Recalibrate Monday!

Each week, we’ll bring you a thought, story, or illustration to help grow your leadership and move your organization forward. 

You may think that you see everything that goes on in your life or church. Over time, each of us can lose the perspective needed to stay productive. Only when we bring in a set of fresh eyes can we see what needs to be seen. 

How does gaining a new perspective affect our leadership?

Click on the video above and find out! 

“For what you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing: it also depends on what sort of person you are.” C.S. Lewis
“Every leader must find someone outside their context, outside their organization, to give them a fresh perspective.”Dr. Troy H. Jones


I have one goal for you on Recalibrate Mondays, and here’s the goal. I want to help you to jump-start your week. I am absolutely convinced that what you do on Mondays sets the temperature for your entire week. Often, people, when they think about Mondays, we never say, Thank God it’s Monday. And we say, thank God it’s Friday. No, it’s Monday.

I want to encourage you every week with the insight, a nugget, to help you jump-start and make this the best week of your life. Now what I want to talk to you about today is the idea of getting outside perspective on your life. Actually, one of the practices I have– and I’m sitting here in a hotel in Ellensburg, Washington, right now.

And the reason I drove to Ellensburg, Washington, is this. I met Dr. Mel Ming. Dr. Ming lives in Spokane, Washington. I met him halfway so I could spend a day with him to get outside perspective on my life in my leadership.

Let me tell you something. I discovered that one of the best practices this week for your life is to get actually somebody else outside of your context, outside of what you do, to give you fresh perspective, to help you think larger, to help you challenge the status quo of your own life, to help you think, how can I be a better leader?

And so here’s what I want you to do this week. I want you to find your calendar. And I want you to schedule– here’s your practical assignment.

Schedule sometime in the next 30 days where you will meet with somebody that will help you recalibrate and think outside of your perspective. Now this may be in your marriage. This may be your relationship. This may be from your church, or if you’re a business leader, for your leadership, whatever.

Get a calendar. Schedule a very specific time with somebody else that can just give you fresh eyes, and let me just tell you why we all need fresh eyes. We all need fresh eyes because the truth is, we all get used to our own smell.

Because of that dilemma, that disease– we get used to our own smell, we get used to our own status quo. We’ve got to schedule in time so other people can give us fresh eyes and fresh perspective.

So there’s your assignment for the week. My desire for you is that this week will be the most incredible you’ve ever had. Allow Mondays to be the jump start of an incredible week you will have this week. Take care.