Every leader needs fresh eyes to help their church or organization go to the next level.

The Recalibrate Groups offers customized coaching to help churches reach their full Kingdom impact.

Recalibrate Coaching is for you and your organization if you:

  • Feel stuck and simply don’t have the answers to move forward.
  • Are ready to relaunch your church, personal leadership or a mission critical aspect of your congregation.
  • Need someone to collaborate with the lead pastor and their teams on a strategic initiative.

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Six Coaching Sessions:

  • 6 follow-up online coaching sessions with the Lead Pastor.
  • The focus of these calls is to remove hurdles as a pastor leads their church in a strategic initiative to recalibrate.

New Life Weekend:

  • Bring your team to check out New Life Church.
  • Your staff will be matched up with their counterparts to shadow them and answer any questions specific to their ministry.

Full Access & Resources

  • Dr. Troy H. Jones will be available by phone, text and email during your coaching process.
  • From the Street to the Seat Assessment: Recalibrate will provide each church a 70 point assessment tool. This tool will help your church do a self-assessment of their Sunday gatherings.
  • The Recalibrate Group offers all types of resources. Help with Children’s Ministry, strategies and systems for Stewardship in the church and almost any aspect within a growing church.


Dr. Troy H. Jones has a limited number of personal coaching clients that he can accept at any given time. If you are interested in Recalibrate Coaching the first step is to fill out the online form. We will send you information about pricing and more details about what consulting would look like for your particular church.